About Us

EFO College a registered private company started out a Sole Propriety trading as EFO Consulting from January 2010 conducting part time consulting to a number of international clients in regard to flight operations, dispatch, over flight clearance and flight management, as the business presented the opportunity of growth it developed into a full-time business presenting training in flight operations from October 2010.

Loyal clients and our core believe to provide quality programs, EFO grew to a substantial business throughout the years and in 2012 we registered the company name as EFO College Pty (Ltd).

With the steady growth, we have experienced through EFO College, we learned that slow growth leads to continuity in the market, and our biggest marketing tool is the great level of Quality through our products, we are proud to announce that our client base has developed into the following brands for the period from 2010 – 2018.

On the international front EFO is working hand in hand with Emirates Aviation University on the professional program in Flight Dispatch, this leads to the issuance of a GCAA Approved Flight Dispatch License.

2018 afforded us the ability to receive funding from SAQA in the transport Seta and 15 students received training in various skills programs in the aviation sector, and an application have been submitted for 60 candidates to be trained for 2019.

We have also expanded our area of training towards further education in Facilitators, Assessors and moderators training programs with ETDP Seta, and this new development will allow EFO to start upskilling individuals in the industry towards educators.

2020 will see EFO moving towards the technology age through the implementation of Digital training, the program is aimed to afford airlines and clients the ability to tailor and plan their training to their specific times and flexibility, we also aim to venture towards the Quality counsel of trade and occupation (QCTO) which will allow EFO to become a beacon of education in all forms of ground infrastructure in aviation.

Our specialty is education, career guidance and development of individuals to achieve their personal goals through collaboration of our resources and subject matter expertise. Our Passion is aviation and everyone that have been trained with EFO has made a difference.

We plan our future towards a safer, more efficient but most of all effective aviation industry with career opportunities in all aspects of this amazing industry.