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This EFO Weight and Balance Course gives the learners the ability to perform aircraft weight and balance calculations, using data selected for the specific operation and by applying the appropriate rules in order to ensure the safe and optimal loading of the aircraft.

Learners will produce a load and weight and balance folio which meets all applicable safety and legal requirements.

Course overview

The EFO Weight and balance course is a combination of 3 unit standards that make up the required qualification as required by SACAA, the 3 Unit standards are.

SAQA ID 120157 - Demonstrate understanding of aeroplane loading

SAQA ID 25212 - Calculate and adjust aircraft weight and balance parameters

SAQA ID 252122 - Produce aircraft load-sheets

On conclusion the candidate will receive 30 Credits on the NQF which may be added to a final qualification.

Course syllabus and duration

The EFO Initial Weight and Balance course structured around the requirements of TETA, is covered over 5 days, which consist of theory as well as practical training and testing, the following subjects are covered.

1.       Compiling and generating manual and automated load sheets
2.       Generating a Loading Instruction Report
3.       Calculating a manual aircraft trim sheet
4.       Demonstrate an understanding of terminology relating to mass and balance
5.       Demonstrate an understanding of mass and loading principles
6.       Demonstrate an understanding of the center of gravity (CG) and its related calculations
7.       Demonstrate knowledge of heavy load limitations
8.       Confirming all applicable data to be used in calculation and adjustment of aircraft weight and balance in a given scenario
9.       Applying the rules to release the flight in accordance with aircraft weight and balance parameters in a given scenario
10.   Validating the aircraft loading and weight and balance calculation

Course outcome

The weight and balance course will enable learners to use supporting systems and applications as well as reference material to source a range of load data, perform load sheet calculations, identify and maintain the optimum aircraft center of gravity and determine the position of the trim, horizontal stabilizer for take-off in order to ensure the safe and optimal loading of aircraft.

Learners will be capable of compiling automated and manual load sheets as well as manual trim sheets.

All clients will receive the EFO Weight and Balance generic license as per the type of aircraft dispatched in training.

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Weight and Balance

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