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The Flight Operations Officer (Flight Dispatch) Course is designed in line with ICAO Doc 7192 AN/857 Part D3 and the National Diploma: Flight Dispatch SAQA 59256.

The qualification aims to equip learners with the ability to produce flight dispatch information and monitor operational situations, as well as flight progress in order to ensure the safe and efficient completion of a flight.

As mainly and jointly responsible with the Pilot in Command (PIC), the Flight Dispatcher carries great responsibility in the safe and efficient Dispatch and operation of a flight.

Course overview

For employers, this qualification enables skills gaps to be identified and addressed, ensuring that a safe and efficient flight dispatch environment is supported and maintained.

The combination of learning outcomes that comprise this qualification will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge and skills appropriate to the context of flight operations.

As an Individual, this is the ideal opportunity towards furthering your career in Aviation.

The opportunities branching from this qualification are as wide as your imagination and qualified candidates may find work in a number of aviation sectors including (but not limited to):

Fixed Base Operators;

Charter Companies;


Private owned aircraft operators;

Cargo Operators.

Course syllabus and duration

The subjects covered during the standard 8-week course are: 
    1. Introduction to flight dispatch;
    1. Meteorology and Aero-medical Factors;
    2. Navigation, Aerodynamics;
    3. Weight and balance;
    4. Performance;
    5. Air Traffic Control;
    6. Security as well as ICAO and South African Regulations;
    7. Emergency situations;
    8. Communication;
    9. Flight Planning;
    10. Dispatch Recourse Management;  
    11. Flight and duty computation and regulation;
    12. ETOPS / EROPS Flight Planning Consideration and regulation;
    13. Advanced Performance Calculation.
    The above-mentioned may be tailored into a number of different methods.

Course outcome

On conclusion of the theory training, all candidates will be qualified to act as Flight Operations Assistants, to which a total of 90 day’s On Job Training (OJT) will be required. This may be facilitated in a simulated environment or actual airline.

On conclusion of the 90 days OJT the candidate will become qualified as a Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher.

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FOO / FD Complete Course

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